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New Mexico

Hello All !!!!

My name is Kevin and i am a bloody beginner at this !!!

I have a great new pan but can't seem to find spots to go to where i live !!!

If anybody could help me out or needs a prospecting buddy,inquiries are welcome ! LOL

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Blue Bowl Operation

My wife and I made our first Gold mining/Vacation in our motorhome we mainly metal detected for the first month with no results except finding a silver and turqoise ring.  We found shell casings, pull tabs etc. 

We finally got to stanton for our thre

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Blue bowl help

Hi everybody, Just wondering if anyone can give me some good ideas on keeping the blue bowl water clean. I have it on a bucket sitting in a tub but after a few scoops the water gets pretty mucky. Thanks in advance.

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where to start

Im a newbie (not even gone on my first trip) in Winston-Salem NC. Im looking for ideas of where to go for a novice. The reason im asking is I want to hone my skills and get used to all the equipment BEFORE I try and get permission on private land, by

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