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The Air Hose Info

Hookah air hose is made of a special vinyl plastic construction, is resistant to the effects of oil, gasoline and sunlight that exists in the environment.

Conventional rubber hose should never be used for diving, because it will gradually deteriorat

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Regulator Info

The Regulator:

The regulator is an oral respiration device that is worn in the divers mouth. The regulator regulates the amount of air that is received by the diver each time he inhales. Because the divers nose is covered by his face mask, air mus

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The Air Compressor Info

The Hookah air system begins at the diver's air compressor. Hookah compressors are small, lightweight, and of simple design. They are commonly constructed of an aluminum alloy, and utilize a rubber diaphragm as the means of air displacement. There a

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The Air Reserve Tank Info

This very important piece of equipment performs four vital functions:

1. The reserve tank operates as an air "reservoir," that supplies a constant volume of air at all times. If you are diving under heavy exertion and demanding a greater amount of ai

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Dredge Water Heaters

Ok you all that have been looking for heaters I have a friend that found one I'm going to try. He has a helper that watches the sluice box and the heater ( it's always better to have someone with you ) plus the loading and unloading is helpful as wel

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To Bolt or Not to Bolt

So in the next month or so, after 15 years of panning and sluicing, I'll be ordering a brand new 2.5" Proline dredge/highbanker combo for use mostly in the smaller creeks of Southwestern Ohio.

I'm looking for the pros and cons of drilling a couple o

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