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The views, comments, and opinions of the co-hosts, guests, callers, or members no way reflects the views of goldprospectorsspace or prospectors radio. We (goldprospectorsspace & prospectors radio) do not endorse any plans, trips, or adventures discus

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Please be advised we are aware of the Fake Dirthogpaydirt seller.Please be sure that when ordering to check your spelling DIRTHOGG PAYDIRT   not the fake scam Dirthog

I am very sorry for all who have fallen victim to this scammer .As soon as he is r

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New AMRA Post

Update on AMRA claims and other stuff:

As many of you know, we sent a team out to Nevada to mine a few prospects we were provided with and wanted to thank Ken and his crew for mining this. As you can see, they really did a detailed and thorough job o

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