Please be advised we are aware of the Fake Dirthogpaydirt seller.Please be sure that when ordering to check your spelling DIRTHOGG PAYDIRT   not the fake scam Dirthog

I am very sorry for all who have fallen victim to this scammer .As soon as he is removed he pops up somewhere else.Thanks to all the customers keeping watch for this goofball.He has pulled this with other reputable sellers as well.

Kindest Regards


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  • I remember hearing about that guy from Miller Prospecting Channel some time back.   I cant believe he is still around.  I'm not a lawyer but isn't that Mail Fraud?  Hasn't anyone reported him to the feds?

  • Seen this dude mentioned by kleshguitars, he’s popped up on eBay and Amazon as well.

    everytine one gets shut down pops back up. 

    • yes that's him.Some pretty bad actors out there!Thanks for replys

  • there's nothing like the real DIRTHOGG, I hope you all catch him!!

  • You know we got your back! A shame this guy can do this...

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