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Ball Mill Project

 Here's the ball mill project I have been planning for awhile. Parts are from a gas fired water heater. Still working out what to use for a liner as the water heater isn't all that thick. Flue pipe is right at 3" diameter so it will fit right through

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diy drywasher

Still working on the drawings, based on bills folding drywasher from going to be building a prototype in the next week or two, do some testing. Then I will post up the drawings. Should cost less then 200$, fold up to a sm

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DIY Crevis Sucker

Crevis Sucker 18a Parts List

18" : 1 1/2' PVC pipe
1 1/2" PVC slip on T-fitting...
1 1/2" PVC slip on cap w/7/8 hole drilled through it on center
1" : 1 1/2" pvc Pipe
1 1/2" slip on coupler
1 1/2" PVC Check Valve
1 1/2" to 3/4" adaptor
10" of

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River Rocker

This is the plans for the Jack Swift River Rocker

It works in slack water where a Sluice box won't

To use it you adjust the legs to touch the bottom and the bottom of the box to be level with the top of the water. Then add your dirt and gravels. Ro

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