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Ball Mill Project

 Here's the ball mill project I have been planning for awhile. Parts are from a gas fired water heater. Still working out what to use for a liner as the water heater isn't all that thick. Flue pipe is right at 3" diameter so it will fit right through

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diy drywasher

Still working on the drawings, based on bills folding drywasher from going to be building a prototype in the next week or two, do some testing. Then I will post up the drawings. Should cost less then 200$, fold up to a sm

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DIY Crevis Sucker

Crevis Sucker 18a Parts List

18" : 1 1/2' PVC pipe
1 1/2" PVC slip on T-fitting...
1 1/2" PVC slip on cap w/7/8 hole drilled through it on center
1" : 1 1/2" pvc Pipe
1 1/2" slip on coupler
1 1/2" PVC Check Valve
1 1/2" to 3/4" adaptor
10" of

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