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Good day...

At least for me it was what I consider a good day.  Found an area last Sunday and went back up Wednesday.  First pan (actually less than half a pan) got me pretty excited:


Finished that crevice thinking if that much was in the middle, how much woul

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New member. Hello!!

Tony here,  nickname - Tsmo.  

and HOW ABOUT LAST NIGHT!!   Winnar even!

holy heck that was cool..  Radio show FTW.

So,  about me.

TOTAL NEWB at this whole prospecting thing..    HUGE fan of the Gold Rush show and I would totally quit my job to go

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Walbash river

 Hello everyone, I live in Vincennes Indiana which has the Walbash river bordering it. This is a very old River and I'm wondering if there could be any gold on it? Or am I wasting my time I need to look elsewhere.

Thank you very much Mark

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Claim Question...

Good day all,

I have a newbie question concerning claims and my research on the Google machine has not provided me with a definite answer.  My question: 

If some has a lode claim does that prohibit prospecting for placer gold by anyone not on the lod

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Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone. After many years of being out of prospecting, I am back in thanks to my fourteen year old boy who is really excited. Today I ordered a bag of cons from"Doc" the Gold Hog guy and mt son is eager to see real g

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Classify, Classify

Hi Everyone, question about classifying. I am in the process of getting classifying screens. What do the numbers mean ? I am looking into classifying Small stuff. Possibly 50, 100, 150 mesh screens.?  Numbers I see are marked 1/4, 1/8, even 1/50. Hav

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