New member. Hello!!

Tony here,  nickname - Tsmo.  

and HOW ABOUT LAST NIGHT!!   Winnar even!

holy heck that was cool..  Radio show FTW.

So,  about me.

TOTAL NEWB at this whole prospecting thing..    HUGE fan of the Gold Rush show and I would totally quit my job to go work with Schnabel.    well,   close. 

So I saw on Parkers face book page where he was hocking "paydirt" for goldrush.  

I thought ya know..  if people find out Im buying dirt online they're gonna think Im crazy but..   It's Christmas..   Im in..  and I bought myself a bag of 2lbs of dirt with hopes of finding gold.

THAT was the most relaxing thing I've done in quite awhile.   and so it began.   The research..   who knew so many people sold dirt online.   ( and Ive been in alot of places on the internet :) )    with a little research it didnt take long to find Doc, and GoldHog.  Reviews showed he was tops in the biz and his dirt was good.    I bought into it :)  


so after becoming a member of his site, I saw the radio show and listened in.   Then saw this place listed as THE place to be..  

the rest is history :)  here I am.  

I have a pan.   a black pan I got from my Bro in Law while we were in Colorado back in 13'  - Great Vacation in Idaho Springs.

Thats the pan I used for my dirt, and the pan I plan to take back with me when I go back to Colorado and back to Idaho Springs..   THIS TIME with a lil more knowledge on what in sam heck I should be doing!

I do own a MD but dont get it dirty too much.   the only really awesome find was that same vacation up in one of the abandoned mines ( the old 94 up by yankee hill? )  and came back with a very cool stove flapper.

Id guess early 1900's from the looks of it.. 

annnnnyway  - thats me, thats my story in a plastic pan :)

REALLY appreciate the warm welcome last night and still thrilled that I actually WON! wowzer thats cool!.  

Thanks all!


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  • Welcome, I'm a noob as well. I've bought way too much paydirt online (mainly ebay) and need to go find my own. And I would also pack up in a heartbeat to get the chance to work a big mine. Anywho,  The people here are great and I'm glad I found this site. I'm taking a week to vaca in  colorado in july. cant wait to get my feet wet and put some gold in my pan.

    • I appreciate all the welcomes :)     Got my GoldHog matts today, TOTALLY AWESOME..   now I need a sluice box to put em in..   all in good time.   Maybe by March Ill get something set up for my Aug vacation.   yeah, Im totally rooked into this gold thing..   Got a box coming from prospector John  - we shall see how well it...  "pans" out..   HA.

      Thanks again everyone,  looking forward to some great conversations!


      • I'm jealous of your GoldHog mats. I want a roll of each type! 

      • I am also hoping to have my equipment ready to take out in March for test runs so I'll be all ready in July. Also, you might want to check out the GPAA as they have claims in Colorado and all over the place. I've heard alot of good about them and I am planning on joining them withing the next few weeks when I can get some funds together. 

  • Welcome TSMO!

    Sounds like you had a blast and have a horrible case of the fever. Congratulations! Welcome to the club! :)

  • We are sure glad you joined us will learn alot here and make some new friends and prospecting buddys so enjoy and have fun
  • welcome again Tony, and congrats on your win last night. You might want to check out Dick steele videos on YouTube he is in Colorado and a member on this site

    • Thanks! :D

  • Welcome,!

  • Welcome from Texas. This is a great place full of knowlege and friendship. And the stories are priceless. If you have any questions just ask away someone will have an answer.

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