Seasoning finishing pans

I posted this once before but cannot find it anywhere (including my own activity page! Lol) so Ill post it again:

I read in the GPAA Mining guide that one should not season their finishing pans, but simply clean the mold release. Of course I read this hours after seasoning my 11" and 8" pans. (SOS steal wool pad)
So did I ruin them?

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  • Probably not. If you used a steel wool pad. Most folks go with coarse sand paper and it leaves deep scratches that the gold will be caught in. If you didn't do that, then you should be ok. A little texture on the bottom of the pan shouldn't hurt too bad. If the scratches are catching both gold and black sand then you need to try and fine sand the scratches with wet or dry sandpaper to get rid if the deep scratches. Good luck.

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