Beginner Prospector from Kentucky

First of all, thank you for the warm welcome from site admin and members!

I'm about as green at prospecting as one can be.. I have no clue on where to even begin but that's why I'm here! I have 25 years experience as a heavy equipment operator and dirt and wood chip moving conveyor manufacturing, Mostly 3 phase electrical powered systems.  I also have some robotic, electronic engineering, and web programming experience on a hobby basis.

I'm sure I will be asking some stupid questions along the way! I look forward to learning for you all and maybe we will meet one day on a good gold adventure!

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  • They have said the only stupid question is that one you don't ask 

  • Thanks for the replies! Tim, I haven't missed a show since joining!..

    Talon, I am working out the details on going to a bunch of meets and learning some stuff before getting a claim. Figure I need to know how to find gold and prospect before jumping in feet first and getting a claim that may or may not contain anything of value..

    • Smart move. When I retire I intend to have a claim or two that hopefully will warrant it. Who knows, perhaps we will have a chance to play together out there.

      If you're out in Northern California some time give me warning and perhaps we can get you out on a claim to at least play a little

  • Sounds like you need to get a claim in a state that will let you flip a rock over 

  • you have come to the right place my friend   enjoy it here and check out our weekly show at prospectors radio every wed and sunday night

  • Ask away we were all greenhorns at one time.
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