• i think if you look into YOU TUBE sluices you will get the sluice for your streams

  • Hey Roland. I'm really new at prospecting (2 months) so there is probably better advice but I have been going out to the creek at least twice a week since I found my first speck.
    I went on a spending spree and spent way too much cash in a rush to get out to the creek and get gold.
    I first bought a 36 inch sluice then realized I needed a sluice with a flare so I bought another one. Then I learned goldhog mats were really good for catching very fine gold and if you learn how to set up your sluice properly with them your loss rate is close to zero. So I bought a bunch of goldhog mats.

    In retrospect I wish I had just saved up and bought the goldhog stream sluice first thing because I am going to probably be buying it anyway and I would have actually saved a lot of money in the long run.

    Watch goldhog vids on YouTube and see if that sluice will fit your needs.
    I also heard a lot of good stuff about Angus Mackirk sluices and drop riffle sluices in general.
    I hope this helps.
    • It helps a lot. I'm new also and have the habit of over spending myself. But I don't want to go crazy buying stuff that won't work for me
  • buckabilly is a great sluice so is the keene a51depends on how much and what you like and want to buy

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