Good day...

At least for me it was what I consider a good day.  Found an area last Sunday and went back up Wednesday.  First pan (actually less than half a pan) got me pretty excited:

Finished that crevice thinking if that much was in the middle, how much would be on the bottom?!  Well I'm sad to say not much, some, but not enough to warrant another picture.

Moved on to three small cracks in bedrock.  Worked about an hour trying to get everything out but the tools I have are geared more towards larger crevices:

Yea, I've gotten some new smaller tools already!  This again was from less than half a pan (that's a 10" pan pictured).  Small cracks/small gold but at least it's gold lol.

Finally last Sunday my son and I worked a crevice and decided to put it all into a 5 gallon bucket to give us something to do after work during the week.  The bucket was 2/3rds full and we panned it Wednesday after we got home:

That's half of the gold, my son's pan had that much or a little more.  Now for the good news......there is more dirt in the that crevice.  Guess where I'll be tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • Great gold man! Go get the rest of it :) Thanks for posting.

This reply was deleted.