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Dredge hoses

Hello everyone. I need some help. I've been working on converting my A52 hand sluice to a dredge set up. I have the sluice box ready now. ( one piece at a time!) I have bought a pump of sufficient size, I believe. It is rated at 195 gpm. All has been

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Finding claims

Any help on how to map out claims. Found the "x's" on MRDS but how do you get the perimeter of these claim. I have seen youtube videos and it is possible. Somehow with overlays (later subject) on google earth one can do it but I am missing something.

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Recirc Newbie

Hi All,

Thank you for the warm welcome! Question for you...

I'm trying to put a recirc system together with a drop riffle sluice. I ordered a 2200 gph pump and am wondering how long I'd be able to run it with a motorcycle battery. Should I use a car

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Just wanted to let all know my take on buying paydirt.

I have buying paydirt from the guys on the site (2nd round) always amazing and ebay. Sure buying it cheap and getting some gold. Bottom line, when you purchase paydirt from ebay it is much more

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I appreciate being made to feel very welcome by this group. I haven't been able to get out to the rivers much because none of my friends are into panning and most of them are still working while I am retired. I won't go alone - ya never know. So I'm

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