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Hi All,

Thank you for the warm welcome! Question for you...

I'm trying to put a recirc system together with a drop riffle sluice. I ordered a 2200 gph pump and am wondering how long I'd be able to run it with a motorcycle battery. Should I use a car battery instead? What size tub would work best? I would like to keep it simple and easy to haul to claims.

Thank you for your insight!

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  • Thanks Randy for the formula !

    Rhonda, you can wrap your pump with an 1/8 screen to filter the depris and organic material from clogging it and ruining the motor.

    Agree with other posters , use more than one tub to let the sediment settle down a bit, before reusing .

  • Id go for the car battery. Id also buy an extra to hook up to a solar panel while its not in use. Unfortunately there is no light way to provide that much power in the middle of nowhere. Like they say, if it was easy,everyone would be doing it. Best of luck Rhonda!

    • Yes, you're right - I think I'll get the car batteries and a wagon! Thanks!

  • I have found that it is the grass and roots that plug everything up. The best thing I have found is one of those plastic laundry bags over the shower drain (with the built in screen removed) out of the first tub. I use a 1500 gph pump and a large battery with a solar panel. The battery is large and heavy but with the solar charger I used it for three months and did not have to charge the battery. I use two 22 x 15 x 15 tubs


    • I like the solar panel idea! I need to keep it as simple as possible and easy to move...  I bet the 2 tubs work well.

  • I have messed around quite a bit with recirc systems,,,,,,,,so here are a few things to look out for.

    Debris in your paydirt is a major pain, mine has plant material and it plugs up everything, figure out a way to screen your recirc water that can be cleaned quickly and easily.

    The bigger your tub(s) the better. I use three tubs and bring 100 gallons of water to run about 50 buckets of material.

    Randy is right on with his answer to the battery question.

    I was never happy with the volume of water using 12v pumps and opted for a gas pump. However I just did the math on my 37gpm pump and guess what it comes up to per hour,,,,,,,,2220gph. So at least in theory your pump delivers the same amount of water.

    Your sluice width will need to be about 7 inches wide to get the proper hydrolic action running at 2200gph. I was never happy with the drop riffle sluices I tried, they seem to be very susceptible to over loading, plugging up the riffles then blowing out the gold when they clear. My sluice now is expanded metal over miners moss, no riffles, an old time favorite of commercial gold operations.

    good luck, let us know how you make out.

    • Thanks for the info - I think I need a larger battery... 

  • Rhonda:

    Here is a formula for determining the answer to your question.  Keep in mind the hours of run time will not be at max power.  It should be viewed as a curve.  You should get good enough flow for about 1/2 to 2/3 of the time from the formula.

    Pump draw in Watts = battery voltage x pump amperage (the pump should have the amps it draws on a plate or with instructions)

    Battery run time = Battery voltage x battery amp hours / Pump draw in Watts

    For Johnson 2200GPH pump:

    12V x 7.5 amps = 90W

    Run Time = 12 x 50 (for a 50 amp hour battery) / 90W = 6.67 hours

    • Great information - thank you Randy!

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