• Going to Swank in the Morning for my first look at an Ohio GPAA claim. Not taking any equipment just want to get a lay of the land and see how far/bad the drive is from Dayton.

    • All my pans and dredge are being stored at my dads. Only pan I have here is an old metal pan I picked up at an antique store several years ago.
      • changed my mind; Bills was an hour closer to my house.  Went there instead.

    • take a pan at least.  Never go to a gold bearing area with nothing.  At least do a few testpans while there.

  • I'm from East Liverpool.. I went to school up in Kent.

  • I might have to look into that then.

  • You could join us memorial weekend at the OSPA prospector days we will be there having our very first GPS outing

  • There's always Bill's place in Bainbridge. I love going there. And southwestern Ohio is not bad in most of the creeks. Bill is a member here.

    • How does one get access to Bills? Drive up, membership or invite only?

      Chris the DaytonOHDredger

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