In Colombia South America

I decided to pay my mortgage for a year and come to Colombia to try my hand at some prospecting. I am in an area in the Southern part of Colombia near Garzon, Department of Huila Colombia. Near the merging of 2 rivers the Magdalena and Suaza rivers. Huila has mining operations just north of where I am and there are plenty of mountains here, foothills leading to the Andes or away from the Andes as the case may be. I just recently joined this site, mostly as motivation to get out and get started and to share some of my findings, both good and bad as I go  along. The only things I brought with me for now were pans and a classifier and a few other odds and ends. Shovel I can buy here along with some 5 gallon buckets. If I find a spot I like I will invest in a sluice box or have one built here as bringing one into the country was not an option in my luggage. and I did not want to draw a lot of attention. I chose this part of Colombia, because I know someone who has a farm here and I can access the river through their property. I chose the smaller Suaza river as a starting point ad will be getting out my first time to begin sampling next week. I pan on starting a page and documenting as I go along, and will add the link to it after I create the page. I spent time in Colombia with the US Military training Colombian soldiers to fight the guerillas here so I speak a bit of the language and always wanted to come back and try my hand at finding some gold, after many years I had the opportunity and figured life is short, you sometimes have to knuckle up and go for it, and at 46 who knows how many more opportunities to go for it there might be. Anyway wish me luck and I will try to document the experience with my gopro and my waterproof camera.


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  • Take a load of cardboard boxes with you and send back everything that you can afford to buy down there. It will sell when you get back home and it may help pay for your next trip down. Good luck and be safe while down there.


  • I think you have to fill a 2 ltr Jug and Flip it upside down to get the water to Switch Directions 

    • Now I gotta buy a 2 ltr bottle of soda to try that?

  • as for the toilet, ya gotta be south of the equator for it to switch. but WOW! what an adventure you are on. Have a great time and please post lots of photos.

  • Blue bowl go's clock wise. To me I get dizzy looking at it and with my gold wheel going I get real goofy . 

  • I love Google Earth I'm able to Sneak right up on You all, lol Looks "Plush" Down there Before long you'll be King with Gold at $1000.oz  Question:  Does your Water Flow Clock-wise in a Gold Bowl ? ') 2960243701?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • I don't know about a Gold bowl but in the toilet bowl it sure seems to flow clockwise :)

  • Good luck, Al!  Strike it rich!

    • Thank you, I will keep all of you posted on what I find down here, if nothing else it's an adventure.

      River and mountains.jpg

  • Good luck keep us posted when you can
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