Dredge hoses

Hello everyone. I need some help. I've been working on converting my A52 hand sluice to a dredge set up. I have the sluice box ready now. ( one piece at a time!) I have bought a pump of sufficient size, I believe. It is rated at 195 gpm. All has been purchase or built with a minimum of expense. Now I need hoses. I want the biggest bang for my bucks of course but I need to get what will work well on the first try. What ever I buy will be a guess so I'm asking for advice. I believe the pump is capable of operating a 3" suction nozzle, however is the A52 sluice capable of handling that flow? I was thinking that a 2 1/2" dredge may be better suited to this converted box. Where could I find a chart of hose sizes, gallonage, pressure, and lengths?

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  • I have the A52 banker combo with 2.5" suction hose. Keene says that is the maximum that the A52 can handle. You will need to get a different set of riffles from Keene. The standard sluice comes with river riffles and you will need the deeper dredge riffles or you will blow all the good material out... my suggestion is to change it all over to HOG matting. I converted a year ago and cut my cons into 1/3 of the material while catching more fine gold. My recommendation is UR, Scrubber, Scrubber, Talon, Talon. UR. But get what you feel is right for you.

    • Thanks for the info and the suggestion Christopher. I would love to switch to the hog mats. It seems like clean up would be much simpler and I am dealing with mostly very fine gold.
  • Don't know of any chart per se. I'd contact the boys at Keene, and ask them.

    • Thanks Jim. Makes me feel stupid that I didn't think about that ! I will.
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