• hey cecil I dont believe it will work on blackberry it was designed by my network for droid phones sorry buddy

  • Help TIM i can not get ti to do anything on my blackberry what do i need to do to fix it?

  • how do you add your app to droid x?

    • what I did is made a bookmark on my phone then added it to my front page on my phone I think the droid has bookmarks right.. if so you can do this hope it helps    Tim

      • thanks, will try tomorrow.

  • Hay Tim, I was trying to browse the fine gold thread tonight on my droide4. I got to the page but was unable to browse the 3 pages. Almost looked like the post that were shown were random picks. I tried to show my father inlaw the pics of my pan but was unable. Not sure if it is me or what. I sure do like it so far


    • hey maurice sorry but remember it is still in beta testing it will get alot better soon I promise ....and I am glad you like it

  • if anyone has any questions let me know ok     Tim

  • Tim its awesome! Thanks a bunch!
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