Ted We have until April 15th to get word to them, and I alone am only one voice. The closed routes are marked on one end and don’t really make sense I know. Attached is some info please get your comment to the BLM ASAP. Attached is a map of the area, try to define the route you are interested in and send it along with your comments to the address provided. Give lots of reasons why you need the route like recreational mining, scenic, 2 wd access etc

Here is the link http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/cdd/west_mojave__wemo.html

And the form and map is attached online…

Tell your friends as this is important too


I was out this weekend at a few of my favorite spots and kept seeing " No Motorized vehicle " signs at the most convenient acess roads. I wrote the Last Chance Canyon folks and this is what Charlie wrote back.   I'm all for staying on the designated trails laid out through out the desert out here ,but the Gov comming in and closing off many trails is rediculous
   We need to work on stopping this unnecessary closing of the desert ,bit by bit by bit all might be shut down sooner or later


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  • this is just anther way for the goverment to keep us a confind to our homes! the outdoors has always been a huge part of amercia that we need to stand up on this and other dumb laws they keep trying to pass.

    • No wonder there are so many fat lazy folks that need  a helmet and velcro for shoe laces

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