Ok seeing as to how it is that time of the season for many parts of the country. I thought I would ask the great question, What do you carry with you for first Aid and survival. Now please keep this within reason. I know different activities require different survival and first aid so lets just keep it to prospecting and maybe prospecting off your atv.


******* Please Read this and think hard about it********

Lets build a short story here. Joe and Dave are best of friends. They have been prospecting together for many years. Their families have friday evening dinners together. Joe and Dave are almost more like brothers then friends. One day while out prospecting about 2 miles from the car. Joe goes down without a word. Dave is trying to revive Joe. But Joe is just a limp noodle. Dave coverd his best buddy with the first aid blanket from his backpack. Dave jumps up and heads towards hopefully where he can get some cell coverage. After what seems like hours Dave finally is able to get enough cell signal and makes the 911 call. Dave gives the GPS cordinates to 911 and they dispatch help to their location. By the time Dave gets back to Joe, poor Joe is not looking good. Short labored breaths, pale in color, sweating like no tomorrow and still unconsous. Dave notices Joes hand is about 3 times it's normal size. Shortly the EMS crew shows up. They take the vitals and realize Joe is suffering from an allergic reaction from a bee sting. They give Joe a shot of epinephrine from their bee sting kit. Within minutes Joe is doing much better. Dave is upset with Joe for never telling him that he is deathly allergic to bee stings. But Joe explains that he is embarressed about the bee problem and just plain forgot to tell Dave. Dont think this can happen to you??? guess again. Do you know about your firends heart problem?


So this leads me to my point. CARRY EMERGENCY IDENTIFICATION!!!!!

I use to have an engraving business. I made GI style DOG Tags in several colors that were rotary engraved on both sides. I was able to put 4 lines of information on each side. Usually something like

Side 1

Line 1 = Name

Line 2= Address

Line 3= City State

Line 4= ICE: 123-456-7890 (ICE = In Case Emergency) Put your spouce phone number. Not

                                                            married put your parents or best friends phone number 


Line 1 =Medical information

Line 2 = More medical information or Dr's Name

Line 3 = Allergies

Line 4= Other important info


I carry one around my neck and have 1 on my keys and yet another on my packs. Emergency personnel have been trained to look for some type of emergency information like these. Make their job easier which helps give you quicker treatment.


Folks, these little things can be found on Ebay for about $10 each (for the better ones) including shipping. It could be the best $10 you spend.

If you feel you can not afford these then carry something with you and have it in plain site labeled in HUGH letters what it is so you can get the needed help. Please my friends carry something with some emergency information on it.

******** Off my soap box now**********



What I carry in my day pack

Emergency Identification

I also carry a very small medical/survival booklet put out by Idaho ATV that is GREAT 

Several different sizes of bandaids

knuckel bandages

Ace wrap

Several different sized Guaze pads

Medical tape

Antacid chewables




Bite/sting relief

Pen and pencil along with some paper


Burn cream

Water purification tablets

small egg carton fire staters (made from cut apart cardboard egg containers, rolled up dryer lint in

                  where the eggs sit, all then dipped completely in wax) it will burn for about 10 minutes

All contained within a small containeer that doubles as a water carrying device

Energy bars (some actually dont taste to bad)



What I carry on my ATV

all the above plus

Store bought first aid kit

folding shovel

small folding saw

bailing wire

Large shower curtain, helps in building a shelter or if your broke down keeps you from laying in the

                  mud  (walmart has clearance ones for $1 but keep it in the original package as you will never

                  get it as compact as they can)

small egg carton fire staters (made from cut apart cardboard egg containers, rolled up dryer lint in

                  where the eggs sit, all then dipped completely in wax) it will burn for about 10 minutes


Tin cup to boil water in

Top Ramen

usually have a good selection of candy bars

A couple pairs dry socks

metric tool kit

Extra quart of oil

Extra gas

Tow Strap

collapasable water bucket (montana requires in fire season a way to carry water on atv's in case of fire)

12v air pump

Tire plugs and plug tools

Jumper cables (small homemade ones)




I know I am spacing some things out. But what do you carry and what do you carry it in?






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  • for your medical I.D. a small index card works after you print all your info. on it laminate it. you can get a pack of 3 or so for around $3 at wal mart . also for blood clotting you can buy blood stop (for horses ) it's cheaper than celox  

    also eye wash or drops and sun screen

    • Dennis, you need to pay attention to who your with for the clot agents. Celox is the only one that can cause local clotting for people on blood thinners. Herapin, coumadin etc.  Its expensive. Around $30 for 10 of the 2 gram packs. Im with a couple of people at times I know are taking thinners so its worth it for me. If your younger, or out with younger folks, the blood stop is fine. That what we always used growing up lol. Things on the barn shelves.

      • mke you are 100% right i forgot about people on blood thinner. sorry  just tried to bring something else to use

  • On a but pack with a wide belt:

    2 one liter water bottles (stainless with no inner coating and no paint suitable for boiling)

    1 high end silver impregnated straw filter (not the cheap ones, a good $60 .2 micron)

    1oz silver round (water purification overnight)

    1 strike force flint and filled with cotton batting.

    1 scripto vue lighter and a set of repair parts and dozen flints

    bic lighter

    1 5oz ronson lighter fluid

    1 flattened roll TP

    2 cheap compasses (different)

    1 frog spear tip w/wire nuts on points

    1 machined metal whistle

    2 yellow ponchos small cheap (they pop visible  from the air a lot better than orange)

    1 .357 magnum/belt holster

    18 rds ammo 6 inside and two speed loaders

    1 bear fogger/belt holster (or as i call it Hair spray) good for rabbid or other problems.

    1. Cold steel Bushman/belt holster/gerber sharpener and 3 screws. It can be knife, w/18inch shaft a machete, or 7 foot shaft a full heavy fighting spear

    small swiss army knife

    small first aid wrap.

    1  two gram pkg of celox blood clotter.

    1 pocket rocket flare.

    Way I see it 3 ways to make clean water and im fine for a week or two without food. If I get injured or trapped I have enough with the above to handle most anything

    Besides that in my buckets and gear I bring 2 quart stainless bottles full of water and a 1 qt thermos w coffee. I dont bring food into a condensed bear population.

  • All camping and survival related items except one item.

    I carry one imodium pill.  When you go messing around in the mud and river water, those bugs can teach you a lesson fast lol

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