Miles City, MT

What type of prospecting do you do?

panning, slucing,high banking,dredgeing

Do you belong to any clubs?

GPAA, last chance gold

How did you find the site?

a friend

Who referred you to the site (optional)?


What kind of equipment do you use?

sluice, hi banker, pan metal detector trommel

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  • Hey two dogs thanks glad be here
  • yeap i agree

    she is smart as a whip had my navigation working on my truck in 5 min and that included reading the book on the truck

    she had stolen my heart just as fast sure do love her and the grand boys were jealous 3 of them lol  

  • Hey, Two Dogs. Good to see you here.

  • Hi 2 Dogs!

    Same as you, I've been trying to get things together around the inside and outside of the house before it gets to snowing.  I haven't made it much of anywhere lately except Roundup and Billings for food and home improvement supplies.  I'm thinking my prospecting is going to have to wait until spring.  lol  Good to hear from you.  Drop me a note if you get cabin fever over the winter.  ha ha ha  Have a great week!

  • Hey Dennis, give me a holler when ya come by this way!  Good to know you 2 dogs!

  • We haven't joined any other clubs except the gpaa. We are looking for others as well as getting acquainted with the best places to go here in MT. Especially those that are fairly close to Great Falls, since we have been place on call to watch grandkids at the drop of at :) We would really like to go WITH someone, since we are still learning the basics (me I'm relearning, its been a very  very long time). Any suggestions?

  • No we haven't unfortunately!  LOL been a little busy with some other things.  Now that the weather is much cooler maybe we can try again.  Glad you have had some luck! Keep up the good work!  Have a great weekend!

  • Thank you again! Good luck on your trip and I hope you find that nice little yellow stuff as well!

  • Thanks!  Here is Georgia the humidity is about 95% in the summer and hot as hades! LOL  My husband and I both love cold weather.  We appreciate the hospitality.

  • Thanks 2 Dogs!  Hope to one day come to Montana.


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