Some places that gold can be found are in desert enviornments and other such places that are far and away from sources of water.  These are usually well off the busy traveled highways.  These places have been eroding gold from lode deposits from up on high in the mountains and hills, subjected to very violent flash floods and depositing gold in ravines and washes.

   Most likely drywashing or a recirculating water system will be the choice to use in extracting the gold from the dry earth.   In order for drywashing to be accomplished correctly, the dirt and sands must be completely dry.  To assure this, drywashing is normally conducted during the drier months when rains are less likely.   Heat and dehydration are two of the most dangerous obsticals to face a miner in the dry desert enviornments.

   It is advised to wear a wide brimmed hat to shade ones head from the intense sun's rays as well as a lightweight long sleeved shirt and pants.   Heat stroke can and will sneak up on you very fast.   Stay out of the heat as much as possible, rest often and drink lots of fluids.  And by fluids I don't mean beer and alcohol.  These are dioretics and they will dehydrate you that much quicker,despite what you might think.   Make sure you consume at least a gallon of water each day and more so if the temperature is above 90 degrees.   Dry air will rob your body of fluids faster than you know.   It is very important that you keep hydrated at all times, drink even if you don't feel thirsty.

   If you plan on camping out in the desert, make sure you take plenty of warm clothes and bedding.   I know it may sound ridiculous when you're packing up gear for a trip where the day time temps are in the triple digits.   But keep in mind, nighttime temps can easily drop forty to sixty degrees overnight in the desert.   It could be very hot during the day and about freezing at night.   Take warm articles you can put on just in case.  It would be better to take something and not use it, than to need it and not have it.

   Along with the dangers of overexposure to the heat and dehyrdration, there are a number of other "problems" you can encounter.   Make sure your vehicle has plenty of fuel.   Filling stations seem few and far between off that busy highway.

   There are also dangers of poisonous snakes and insects.  Just be very careful with rushing into an area until you are sure there isn't anything waiting for you under that rock.   Keep well clear of cactus.   All it takes is a light brushing up with one to ruin a fun trip.   Many have needles so fine, it will take you a long time with a magnifying glass, tweezers and a lot of patience.

   I don't want to scare you away from the desert.   With a little care and precaution, you can have yourself a great time.

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  • O.K. Digger  O.K. Dennis I think you guys are trying to scare  me away from Your Gold, guess I'll just stay up here with my safe rivers and srteams !     LAUGHING HERE !!!!

  • Not trying to step on your toes RiverDigger hope you don't mind.. Remember Mines Are Black Dark you'll need a light and a small back up light. Mines can contain Bad or Air. The Heat is a killer but if you dig a few feet down the temp. will drop a few Degrees. Water is the Important and hard to find.2960225926?profile=original

  • Stay Clear of Mines Expecilly ones with water in them when sturd up they can omit Gasses that can kill. If you do go in mark the wall for a way out.  Watch out when around a Shaft the Rim can give way and you'll find the floor. The old timers used to cover a shaft with plywood and dirt so watch your step around tailing with no hole. There are jumping catas scorpions snakes and just about enything that moves can hurt real bad. And not every man is a friend exspecilly if they are over Friendly!!! 

    • Thanks Spur, I negated to mention mines and shafts.

  • Great info riverdigger thank you
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