• OK I am posting from my tablet. I followed the "email to xxxxxx  address" instructions and I keep getting a reply email that says the delivery has permanently failed. I don't know what I am doing wrong. 

    • if you are on a tablet that could be the problem ..The site works best with firefox or google chrome browsers i would bet that is the problem

      • Ahhh haaaa l see. Thank you. 

  • Ok. Done. I have my photos in an album that everyone can access.  Also going by what I was told, they have been removed from elsewhere on the site.  No need in taking up room with duplicates.  As far as small things showing up clearly, my camera has a macro setting and with multiple handheld exposures I can usually get a decient one.  Thanks for your help Maurice.  May all your pans have yeller bottoms.

    • Your very welcome Terry. I looked at your album. Some very nice gold there, nicely put together. I really like the shaker box. It looks very nice. Glad I could help you and hopefully it was easy to understand.

  • How do some of the photos of things Very Small come out so Crisp and Clear

    • Dennis I use a small tripod and the auto timer on the camera so I'm not even touching it when the shutter clicks

      • Thank you Haword, that is a great tip just so happens that I have one of them tripods. I don't know what I was thinking.
    • If you look at mine i have very clear and blurry. The very clear ones are where I steadied the camera at a slightly greater distance on something solid and then used the telephoto which is actually digital enhancement. Blurry ones I held in my hands.

      • OK I see wait for my hart to stop Pounding in my chest and take a breath. I was going to blame it on my phone.
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