Blue Bowl Operation

My wife and I made our first Gold mining/Vacation in our motorhome we mainly metal detected for the first month with no results except finding a silver and turqoise ring.  We found shell casings, pull tabs etc. 

We finally got to stanton for our three day visit and again we had no luck finding anything with the metal detectors.   We met a gentleman there and he told me that the only way he finds gold now is by digging in dry washes and gully and going doen to bedrock which is usually about two feet down.  He starts collecting the sand about four to six inches before he hits bedrock and then runs it through his concentrator sluice and then his blue bowl.  He stopped his blue bown and sure enough their were quite a few flakes of gold in the bottom.

My wife and I were on our way out of Stanton so we tried some other places but we never got to bedrock so the sparkly items in our sand is flying out of our blue bowl. 
The manufacter (Jobe) stated in the literature that came with the bowl stated that it should be filled to the top of the bowl for best results.  I am now running it about an inch to inch and a half below the top of the bowl and I end up with some greenish/yellowish sand that I'm not sure if it has any value.
Any information you have on this blue bowl and how it works would be greatly appriciated.

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  • Hi John,  I've used the blue bowl some and was supprised with fine gold it caught. I class it to 30mesh. Only thing I find I don't like is it takes so darn long. I've done it a scoop at a time & then sometimes have put in 3 or 4 scoops at a time. I run the water about 1/2in down but then as more dirt gets washed out, water  seems to run faster and needs to be turned down. I have to watch it cause all at once everything wants to wash out at once.  Someone on the gpaa forum said it helped if you put in a differant valve and moved it back a few inches to get a more even flow. Don't know if I can mention another another forum or not on here but there it is.  Hope this helps a little. Dick

  • Check out the videos on Utube.

  • i am sure someone can help you with this ..I myself do not have one or I would do my best to help you maybe join the chat some night and ask the guys ok take care    Tim

  •  30 mesh 1/8 from top  50 mesh 1in. from top 100 mesh 1 1/4 in. from top

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