• Thanks for all your info also looking to replace my royal carpet with gold hog matting
  • I use three types in a 4" dredge -- river hog; UR; and bedrock  -- it is set up to catch the fine gold in Colo.  It works better than any other sluice system I have tried.  It is a little difficult to clean up, because you have to reverse roll the matting and gold hog mats have a thick backing - so it is a little stiff.  I does a good job on flour and fly speck sized gold.

  • Gold Hog Mats get grub the gold out of dirt , trust me

  • I run Gold Hog mats on the highbanker combo and Shad does as well on the dredge. We use Talon on the combos and a combination of River Hog and Talon on the dredge.  Both are working great for us.  Good luck on your dredge and post pics!

  • I run Gold Hog mats in my 4" dredge and wouldn't run anything else. I don't like a lot of cons and with the mats I went from 1/2 of a 5 gal bucket down to about a quart or less. Takes me about 3 minutes to do a cleanup! I do have vortex in my Gold Cube and like the job they do for large cleanups. The choice is yours, whatever makes you happy! I have never used them in a sluice however.

  • i also use the vortex in my banker dredge combo as well as my 4 and 5 inch dredge i recover a lot of gold from all sizes  am not trying to discourage you or any one from their choice of mat preffence

  • Hog mats are good, used them in my highbanker for three years. Caught some good gold, but I tried some vortex, and haven't put them back in since. Vortex is easier to clean up for me with my arthritis. I don't however catch the really small stuff now.

  • I also use them in my 2 inch dredge  and I have never been happier 

    • Thank you for the info.

  • Love them I run them on my dredge and have no issues did ok last year for me. You do have to tune them to the water speed I know some of people have more then one set for there sluice for when the water is running high or low.


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