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"hop on the chat room anytime"
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"Thanks you for join stop in the chat room and ask questions or for a more perminate question post it on the main page and welcome again"
Jun 22
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So frickin remote gold just has to be there somewhere 
Jun 22
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Jun 19
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May 29

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  • Thank You sir it's an honor

  • Many thanks just starting my new hobby and founds 6 grams in my three weeks so far still a lot to learn 

  • I have a ? for you. We are plan on coming to Alaska in August and going to Nome what kind of close do we need for the trip. it a big ? and may take you a bit but thats fine. 

  • I just wanted to personally thank you. I'm not sure what I won exactly, gold pan, pay dirt or both. I was just answering the call for support for the show. 

    I have been out of town for a while and I just got back. I was able to pan the pay dirt. I try hard to do my best with the panning. I'm not sure how to say this but I was able get 1.5 g of gold.....Whoop!. 

    Maybe one day, I will get to Alaska to do some gold prospecting. I got the gold bug but no means or real know how to pursue it. Anyway, great to know you and thanks. All tips and tricks that can help me in my pursue of happiness would be appreciated. 

    PS I just saw the video and glad you didn't make it organge.

  • Thank you sir I saw one of your videos two years ago and I have not been able to stop gold mining since then thank you so much so much enjoy The Chronic Club

  • Hey Ray, after alot of messing around I've finally gotten my computer working lol.

    I would be honoured to receive the gold hog flag buddy ,I have Skype ray butt I'm still a beginner with the internet stuff .Thanks again buddy cheers 

  • Hey man thanks for all your research and vids in general.
    It's helped a lot with my mat selection.
    And thanks for adding me to your friends list.
    Love your vids man.
  • welcome to the CC brother

  • We're friends.  Yeah!!!!

  • Congrats on the draw and thanks for your comment on my picture of the silver.  I think your name was drawn second, so the two rock slice with the silver vein holding it together will be on its way this afternoon.  I also put in a couple of small nuggets from the Beaver Mine in Cobalt so the weight is now about 2.5 oz.  Hopefully, I got the order of the winners correct - if you think I have screwed up, let me know.  Also, when you are looking at the two rock specemin, you can pull it apart slightly (ie gently) to expose more of the silver holding the rocks together. 

This reply was deleted.