I have a sluice and a 1.5" electric dredge I'm constructing ... Not sure about the flat blue plastic hose if it will plug up. I get to try it next week but if something might not work it would be good to know in advance of problems I might encounter ..

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  • Jim, I would suggest you listen to what Ken has been trying to tell you.  If your planning on dredging, your pump and hoses are the most important items you will select.  There is a reason the dredge manufacturer's select the material and pumps they do, unfortunately they are not always the cheapest way to go.  When is comes to dredging, pressure PSI is much more important than flow, GPH.  While GPH can affect PSI, it is insignificant in the final results.  Will give you the following Gold Hog postfrom Doc for your consideration, good luck out there and may your pans be full. http://goldprospectingforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1296

  • jim go over to my posts I got some infor on there you might need as well as when you get a chance go thru Doc's vids from GoldHogg

  • jim looking at your unit a lot is going to d3epend on how high your going to be lift5ing the material and your pump in my exdperince of trying to use a elec pump thyey dont work that good you eather dont have enough which yo need a combination of both volu7m and -presure on a 10 x36 inch dredge you will need at leaST 40 POUNDS OF PRESURE AND AT LEAST 60 T0 80 GAL PER M8IN presuer or volume

    • Here is my result... You are right... Not enough lift ... There was suction and it was gathering and pulling some gravel ... Bout not enough to be efficient . I can dig and shovel faster.... For now I'm not taking the sluice this week but will explore with shovel, pry bars and pans. That way we will move around more and that might work out better. I also have a suction sniper which does a good job collecting gravel.

      Again, thanks for your help ... Just not ready for a sluice yet.


  • Hey jim ,

    Thease guys here know there stuff , in my personal experience there aint no cheap in gold dredging. Just my own thoughts lol .best of luck with your build and your quest for gold 

  • vacume hose is not smooth inside but is flexable it will not let the material slide threw it and will plug real easy the clear hose should work good on the presure side of you set up

    • Ok thanks ...

      About what length of hose do I need on the suction side and what diameter ... I know If I am just doing a hole hear the sluice I might get by with a short hose ..
      I'm frugal and not sure I want to spend a lot on something untried.
  • Hey you're not that far from me :). Probably wont do you any good today but there is a place in Bangor that has the hose you need. www.prcindustrial.com they are on perry road.

  • jim ,

    ken is right on that it wont work well it folds to easy will have to many clog ups as well also it is not structurally built to handle material only clean water.. sorry I know what  you are thinking as far as weight ,convenience,and price.

    • Thanks !

      What about vacuum cleaner hose ?
      At least I was thinking of this on the pressure side from the pump ... I have lots of 1" clear hose ... Maybe this could be used on the pressure side and then -.1.5" vacume cleaner hose on the return side ...
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