Will Any Water Do?

So I have a Gold Cube and (as of yesterday, thanks Jeremy F) a Gold Hog Multi Sluice. I plan to run them both a LOT this year. For my recycling tubs, I have 3 choices of water: 1)The farm's well water, which has a very high iron content, 2) The farm's tap water, which is run through a water softener, or 3) My neighbor's "city" water, with chlorine and whatever else is in it. 

My question, then - is one of these better (or worse) than the others, or should I just figure 'water is water'?

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  • Clorine is not good for gold but will have no effect on the run, the gold, or the Cube as long as you don't let it stew for days.  Untreated water would be the best.  But water is water

  • I have used both of them and all can say is that if your as lazy as I was build up will happin if you clean up everything and change out the water regularly it wont be a problem

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