Sluices, what’s your thoughts on this setup?

Ok. 1 sluice is going to become my experiment, matting and swapable or hobby lobby cutting mat.

kind of a miller table set up, and I’ll have a vortex mat which will be a home recirculating sluice (until claim gets water) it’s prettt much a straight measurement but for some reason I had in my head was flared. 

My other sluice (I haven’t had either in water yet) will stay my dedicated sluice. 

This one I had to do some weird measuring to show the dimensions. 

Id like to get everyone’s input on. There is a section of matting on top. But the lower material is a office style carpet

this was a custom build by the guy I bought it from. 

Now measurements (had no idea how to write them and they be easily understood)

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  • well don glad you like the mat hope it works out good for you

    • Yea it’s been awesome thank you so much. 

      I’m going to be running it again in next week or so. 

      Not sure if I will double up the sluices or try to

      run solo with the vortex, main issue is I need to figure out getting water into

      the experiment sluice. Tried the bucket but without the end flare it just blew back.

      i was shocked with the small gold the vortex pulled out.

      im probably going to black magic table out some of the cons.

      next time a little higher angle less sand.

      thank you many times over. 

  • do you have legs for it?

  • the black rubber mat all the way to the front. look like it will work

    • No it’s only the first foot in. Rest is actual office carpet I think with some semi ridges in it lol.

      • On the flared longer narrower sluice I should say

  • I’m writting this on way to little sleep just FYI! 

  • Thoughts on home brew sluice? (Note picture here is the “office style” carpet under riffles.


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