Donation Fundraiser

ok everyone here are some of the items for our fundraiser   if you like useing the site and enjoy the show  we need your help .It has been a year since our last fundraiser so lets see if we can raise enough to last another year ..

every Item is a seperate drawing  items have been donated from members here on the site

to purchase Tickets  all you have to do is click the donate tab on the right side of every page here on GPS  Tickets will be 5 Dollars each and Go on sale  Augest 1   and please make sure you have your email address  in the notes when you donate so I can send you your ticket numbers

 we have a goal to meet and we hope to do that within a month  if we dont we may have to let it run longer  to reach our goal  we are hopeing to end  this at the end of Augest

More item will be added thru out the month so you never know what will be added

Good luck to everyone  and a big Thanks to those who have Donated a item


Tim Grimes 


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  • tonight we will draw the winners during our sunday show come join us on zoom as we do the drawing and thank you all we did it again  we hit our goal could not have done it without all of you  great members and friends

    • Awesome!!! So glad the goal was met!! I look forward to this drawing every year!!!! Good luck to all that donated and THANK YOU ALL that donated items!!!!

  • Picture of a 1 lb DirtHogg pay dirt bag Steven Frantz is donating. 10803496062?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Was the raffle donation goal met in the month of August? I'll be out of cell reception the next 5 days so just trying to figure out if I need to come back to civilization at all while I'm away to catch the show lol 😆 

    • the drawing will be on the 11th of sept


  • i giving a 1lb. dirthogg pay to raffel 

    • do you have a picture or do you need me to find one buddy

      • can you post for me


      • no     tim



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