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  • Scott - Grumpy here - I have a parcel being delivered to me at your address. I will pick it up when I get there. All cost have been paid. Thanks see you in Feb or Early March
  • Happy Birthday, Scott!

  • Happy Birthday, Scott!

  • Hi Scott, My wife and I are planning a trip to Arizona this winter and we'd like
    to try drywashing and metal detecting. Being from Indiana this is new to us. Could you give us some advice. We have a couple places picked out. Not sure if they would be good places for prospecting. Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

  • Hi Scott I live in Scotland and I listen very carefully to reviews about fine gold clean up systems, bearing in mind were I live ,I cannot afford to pay for stuff that won't work.yep I'm talking about the little fine clean up sluice sold by prospectors choice,the products you endorse ,I think you should try them before commenting on them ,

    I personally like you and what you are trying to do ,

    The trouble and money I've had with this sluice is a joke ,my personal opinion is the thing don't work  and the build quality was shabby and that's why I think it's a piece of garbage 

    I'm only trying to save the next poor sucker who buys one ,

    Cheers Scott 

  • Hi Scott,

    I watched your video today: "In the gold field with swiftwater--gold cradle in arizona", and really like your rocker design.

    I recently published a book on gold prospecting: "The Essential Introduction for New Gold Prospectors". I mention gold rockers and include a link to a DIY rocker design, but didn't include any commercially available rockers. I would like to include a paragraph or two in my eBook about the rocker you discuss in your video and include links to your video.

    I need links to your website that sells the rocker, and any additional links to videos about the rocker you have. I will pull a screenshot of you using the rocker for a picture to include in my eBook.

    I don't plan to update my eBook currently available on, Barnes & Noble, etc. until I have more updates to include, but the PDF format of my eBook that I include on my website can be updated in a day or two and be available for sale on my website.

    My website:



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT enjoy it here .

  • Happy Birthday, Scott!


  • You sell dirt?
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