• c kem this public servents questionair has worked for me both on the fed level; as well as state level this site is not for debateing a post the link was posted in regards to a member talking about it everyone can state their personal opinion
  • Why waste your time with that?  Seriously?  That questionaire covers feds only.  The locals don't have to fill it out.  That has been argued before (don't ask me for case law as I don't have it right now).  Cop comes to your door and you can either talk to them or not.  If you talk to them you have the right to record it, even if they say you don't.  You have the right to have a witness for your side or an attorney present, even if they say you don't. 

    In the end all you have to do is ask them "am I under arrest?"  If yes, get a lawyer. If no, ask them "am I being detained?"  If yes ask why.  If no, you can either shut the door or look'em in the eye and tell them "I don't answer any questions".  Or you can also say "I have nothing to say.  Please leave."

    You don't need any special forms for that. is a really good video on this.  Kenny Suitter has done exceptionally well with this.

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