Oldie but a goodie

She's a totally stock '86 F-250, 460 V-8, 4x4, 4 sp, long bed.

She's a little rusty and has "Sierra Pin Striping" on both sides, both ends, and the top.

No fear here, she'll get me anywhere I want to go and even places I wouldn't walk.


 A pic out the window while crossing the above washout.


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  • Poop! I forgot! Mine has 212,864 miles on it! I'm sure I'm about 4th generation on it and I bought it after the wreck or the trail drive or something mean, but she runs and has great mpg. I'm fixing it and driving it, it's been faithful to me through some heavy snow in the mountains and a trip to Oregon and down to Califunya pulling a camper and loaded with dredging equipment, to where it was driven hard at a construction site. Not pretty but mine again, not ever to be loaned out again. I guess the injectors could stand a little cleaning, besides the whole driveline that is.  ?;~)
  • That's a fine lookin truck Steel Pan! And it's where it's supposed to be-out showing the trail who's boss!
  • 170K  on a 460....she ain't even broken in yet.
  • 96 dodge ram v6 magnum with 133,000 miles love that truck takes me everywhere
  • Wow, Steel Pan, a 460 eh? that's a monster! With an engine that big.. who needs to modify. How many miles you got on it?
    • She has 170,000 miles on 'er.

      Other than oil changes and normal maintenance I have only replaced the starter, and that was just last week.

      You don't want the kind of "miles per gallon" I get, but I get there. LOL

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