• It has started in North Carolina. Some of the streams I used to dredge are restricted now.  No vehicular traffic and no motorized equipment. Our club has some leased land and NC has restricted the stream that runs through the middle of the property. BIG BROTHER IS HERE.

  • Supporting these Law suits means sending them money fellas.  Its the only way they can keep going.  Even small amounts can help. 

    • Try checking   ""     We ahve been ithe fight bring back suction dredging since the beginning and we also sued the FS on their road closures and awiting a decision from the 9th Circuit court. 

    • moshe well said even $5 or $1o  goes a long way if we all chip in and sopport them

  • It's easy to tell if a politicians are lying- their mouths are moving. They will all say anything to get you to vote for them, but then they do whatever the big money tells em to do. An honest person doesn't stand a chance.


      • check out the WESTERN MINING ALLIANCE web page

        western  here is another great group fitting for mining rights lets all help

  • nugget my mistake your right his name is Dave don't know why i said Mike

    aka 2 dogs

    • It might be interesting to note that the WMA and PLP took similar actions  a short time ago also.

      All miners and ALL of those that use the forests, streams, parks and etc. for ANY type of recreation, need to research these new law-suits and be aware of what is happening so we can throw our support behind them. The "policy-makers" that are regulating the regulations,  seem to listen to numbers and their decisions to shut off access to areas of public lands will not just effect one can count on that!

      • you got it nugget we also have to research the people who are running for office or are in office and VOTE them out

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