• Oil Gasification. Nice! One of the things I researched before I decided to build a Wayne Keith style wood gasifier. It worked! Took a lot of work build and fuel though. Kind of like owning a handgun. You hope and pray you're never in a situation where you have to rely on it. 

  • that is one awesome idea!! gives me something to think about!!

  • mike

    Great bus... after you filter and heat your Mickey D fuel it just gets injected into motor the same way diesel does correct>  or is there another step or two?????

    GEE some guys got all the Cool toys

    •  Yes Mike all I have to do is turn off the diesel fuel to the motor and turn on the veggie oil. It runs to the same pump the diesel does.I just added a pump from the veggie tank to the motor to help push it though the filter. I used 4 ball valves to do it.All I had to do is T in to the fuel line before the pump on the motor.The biggest thing is making a tank to heat the oil in. 

      • mike could you heat the oil using the hot water that would go to the heater defroster in the bus by putting a tank under the dash kind of thing??? or isn't that safe?? or not hot enough water??

        gee big boy with cool toys some guys have all the fun

  • Great Rig for hauling Your Crew !!!    But Glad I'm down sized     Laughing here !


             Thats a great rig you have! and a great way to go in this day and time .

      Do you have to buy the used oil ? Have you figured out your M.P.G. ?

      Must be real good if not pushing a head wind. I like it !!!

    • Well it is a bus so top speed it 66mph on flat land with no head wind. With a little over 37,000 lbs we got 4mpg with our foot to the floor all the way! We got the same out of the Diesel. I can't tell any dif from Wvo to Diesel when I'm on the high way. Its just the way the bus is geared.(2600rpm) It has a 5 speed auto trans.You can find waste veggie oil every where. I just stopped and asked and they gave me 5gal tubs some places gave me 100 or 200 gal at a time and were happy to give it to us. We had enough waste oil to get there and found what we need there to get back.Its not fast. It took us 7 full days to get to Fairbanks Alaska from Georgia.We went 70miles out from there on the back roads of Alaska what a trip is was! Thanks

  • Sounds dangerous, How much oil is hot at one time ? Is it in a Hot oil tank of sume sort ? and is there a safty presher switch to dump the oil or releave some preshure ?    Can you covert a small Brigs and stration 5 horse mottor?

    • The bus runs as hot as 210 degrees at times so my oil gets as hot as that. Thats a good thing the hoter the oil the better it burnes. I have a 100gal tank I heat and have 5oogal of oil to draw from for supply. Thats 5000lbs. Yes I would not want to have a car hit that tank when its that hot thay would be burned very bad thats why its 44 feet behind me! But its no hotter then the motor. Waste oils flash point is almost 800. Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel in 1909 to run on veggie oil. At that time diesel was much cheeper then veggie oil.So it was made to run on the lighter oil diesel. Im not doing anything it was not made to do!

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