Hello everyone. I'm in a pickle and really could use some advice. I have about a 1/3 cup od classified (20 mesh) material left. Any gold left is microscopic but under a magnifyglass I can see hundreds and hundreds of specs. I don't know the sizes but -200 to -500 ( let's just say... Too small to see without magnifyglass). The problem.....there is no more black sand and the material is probably 60-70% garnets (of all sizes) which are heavier than the gold so impossible to pan. I have a super concentrator sluice with shallow v matting and a home made Miller table. Which one should I try to help? Either? Both? Thinking the gold would Washout before the garnets in the Miller table. Would love to get this gold.


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  • if you can see it you can get it 1 way or anotheri would run it through some mercury then retort it faster and easer

  • What works for me. I bought a set of 6” screens that I use to screen my material to -20, -30, -40, -60 and -100. I then run each batch of screened material separately on the miller table.  Adjust the angle and water flow so that the gold stays and everything else moves off.

  • What mesh are you going down to the smallest is best.
  • Use the miller table, what do you have to loose, it a captive system.  Mine catches 200 mess gold nicely.

  • I would try the Martin table. Make sure you have a brush so you can sweep it up.
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