Get Out and Get Wet!

   For some reason many people get it in their heads that gold can be found anywhere close to a stream or river.   Even though the river may contain gold particals, for the most part, that does not mean one can just walk up to the embankment and start pulling out hoards of gold without physically engaging with the earth or river.

   There is a form of deposit called "flood" gold, which is the deposition of gold particals when a river is in flood stage.   Snow melt, heavy rains or even drastic release from man made dams can create extreme high levels of water in the river basin.   This can cause the water to rise higher or sometimes dramatically higher than the normal high water line.   With that much forceful water racing down a river channel, it kicks up the sediments and rocks from the normally settled river bottom.   As these sediments are all stirred up and overflowing the normal banks it allows gold mixed in with the sand and rocks to settle out in areas not normally associated with the regular river flow.   Since flood gold is dispensed in a haphazard deposit,  it is not really concentrated in good paystreak deposits that can be found within the regular streambed.

   All too often,  I have encountered people making all the effort to pack up the nessessary prospecting gear and spend wasted time just going through the motions without ever getting dirty or any part of them wet.   to be honest,  mining for gold is a great activity.   However,  much like playing in a sandbox as a child, it is difficult to do without getting into the sand.  

   To get the gold,  you gotta get wet...or dirty, depending on your prospecting area.   If you hunt for gold on dry land or desert enviornments, you will most likely have to dig in the dirt or sand.  It is almost guaranteed you will  get dusty or dirty.

   I personally prefer water based mining activities and therefore enjoy getting down into the river or creek to work the materials within the river channel.   If I want to find concentrated deposits, its down into the water I go.   So if you want to plan a trip to your favorite river and discover your own El Dorado,  you have to get out and get wet!

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  • I tried getting gold at the mall they got upset when I started setting up my recirculating  sluice     LAUGHING HERE !!!

    • I actually did a sweep up after the latest gold show, took the sweepings home in a plastic bag and panned them out.  I was rewarded with  just under a 1/2 gram of fines and a nice quartz/gold specimen piece.  Probably not as much as you can get at the mall, but all in all I wouldn't say it was too bad.


      • NICE

      • That's pretty awesome riverdigger. That's better than most people get in a day at the creek LOL

  • If you don't like geting wet or dirty.  Maybe try a defferent hobbie or look for gold at the mall . Great post Thanks Riverdigger

  • Digger Your right, I hear that theres not much gold in the local creek I work and watching the folks come down and poke around for an hour or two  I see why they think that.  This is the same creek that I may spend 6to 7 hours moving rocks and running over burden from a small area untill I get down to the false bed rock in it. Then a carefull clean up at the bottom it  rarely disapoints me   so With muddy jeans  and boots full of water I can go home Happy !!!

    • Got my jeans and booties ready Howard.

  • There use to be a add on the gpaa show, and it said be like a kid play in the mud and the and and you will be 8 years old in no time and you would love it I do and Im 44.

    • that is exactly how I feel and I am 51...I feel like I am reverting into how I was as I kid.  Always outside, in the woods, in the brook, in sandpits, trees, swamps you name it.  I love gold prospecting because you can't think of anything else but what you are doing.  It's so exciting to see what each pan is going to bring.  Love this!

  • Good read Riverdigger. Its all about getting out there and doing it.

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