Dredge pump question???

so why cant i use a trash pump for a dredge pump if i have to use a jet flare or a suction nozzle to prevent the material from entering the pump anyway?  been wondering for a while ...some one help me out. and which would be better for a sandy area the suction nozzel or the jets? im looking to go small and as cheap as possible for the moment.

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  • ok guys if your useing a suction nozel and not a jet flair and power jet a trash pump will work but my preffence if i have to go thatt route i would go with a pacer clear water pump if i am going to be useing a jet flair and power jet i would go with a keene pump and motor as i have used them both on some units some trash pumps will work good  with the nozel unit

  • Zack,

    There seems to be a lot of folks on here against the trash pump. So here is a idea go find someone who is using one and ask if the next time they go dredging if you could come along and see how theirs works. I can tell john who posted above  first hand from my cuts on my hands, that if he thinks they wont create volume and suction to come stick his hand in front of my three inch running a pacer pump and i promise he will get cut before moving his hand. like i said before you do have to run a little bigger pump as far as the GPM goes but they will do the job. If you want some evidence just go look at my gold pics from dredging monday with a pacer pump you can also see a pic of the pump in my pics.

    Best of Luck


  • Zack the trash pump does not have the fast volume to get the sand or rocks picked up by the dredge..trust me on this spend the money and buy a good volume highspeed pump.... its the most importantn part of the dredge this is where you dont want to skimp as you will find a trash pump wont work talk to a contractor and ask questions about trash pumps maybe they can show you that is designed to pick up mud and such that is mixed in with the water.I have a 3yp yanmar diesel trash pump I used to use it in pumping foundations and ditches its slow but can run for 18 hours...hopes this helps p.s. never throw bl.ack sands away...they contain values that u wouldn't believe some of the black sands contain..its not always the case ... I had an aussie miner show mw a lot ..hope trhis helps. p.s. i put a bolt thru the intake nozal and hand clear the large rocks...u dont need to run that it wears our your sluice and is not neccasary...just hand clear the rocks by hane  take it easy john


    • trash pumps aren't ideal for dredges but will work. They are reallly better designrd for high bankers and wash operations.

  • you can use one but you want to get one that move more GPM than a actual dredge pump does. i use a 230GPM Pacer Pump and it has always worked well on my 3".

    Good Luck


    • I looked at the pacer pump. I like it because its low cost (250.00) american made and uses a briggs motor (not china made) with OHV. I have not gone as far as locating a dealer.

  • People always tell you you cant or it wont work. Well here is a 12v 1 inch dredge running on a 1000gph bilge pump. It picks up sand and 1/4 or so gravels. You can see if you want to suck up bigger rocks like 3/4" you probably need 3 times the power on a 1" dredge.  The moral of the story is if rocks are 2-5 specific gravity and gold is 19 specific gravity then if the pump isnt strong enough you will suck up all the rocks and have to pick up the gold by hand lol.

    Interesting little vit though because  2000gph and a longer nozzle for the cracks .....well sniping comes to mind.


    • i see what your saying now ...nice video by the way. Im really interested in  the smaller sniping-type suction as well .. i dont need a huge diameter hose but want as much suction as possible cuz im cleaning clay that  has mostly small pea gravel and sand. still thinkin a high banker with a suction nozzle might be the way but a dredge is so versatile

  • Z, you might be able to find you a high pressure pump or a pump and motor used - on eBay, gold forums, etc.  People are always upgrading, selling extra equipment, etc.  Might be a matter of patience to find what exactly you want, though.  Good luck!  K

  • Zack: You don't have to necessarily have to buy from Keen. Here is a cheaper pumphttp://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-2-HIGH-PRESSURE-GAS-WATER-PUMP-FIRE-FAR... that I found on ebay without much searching. It's probably big enough to run a 4in dredge. 

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