• I have the minie and the prospector Bozooka gold trap sluices . They both work very well. I put adjustable legs on the bigger one to help level it out. Can't go wrong on getting one.

    • Don, that sounds like a good mod, could you upload some pics and also where did you get the legs?

  • They are great man, just make sure you get one based on the size water you will be working. Creek or small water less then 4 inches = use the smallest model. Medium size creek (at least 5 inches deep) needs decent flow or drop to run a prospector model bazooka, but it will work even better with more of either. You can use either in slower water as well, but you cant feed them anywhere near as fast.  I have never tried the biggest sluice, the medium size is already plenty big for my needs.

    • Thanks A.B. I just searched videos and found that information..the prospector, the miner looks way too big for my needs. Hey, good videos you posted too, I enjoy the bluegrass accompaniment


      • Can't wait for the new  "Backhoe" model...You'll need the flow of Niagra falls to run it though.

        •  hehehe....I wonder if anyone has tried building a dredge with the water trap principle instead of riffles

  • no patrick  i said i  have not seen or tried one i said i had heard of them

    • ahhh, after some research I have found the two products are not the same either. The Bazooka dredge nozzle and Bazooka sluice are totally different creatures.

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