2" Pacer pump on highbanker

I have a 2" pacer pump, 195 GPM with Honda 160 engine, that I intend to use on a Keene 173 highbanker.  I intend to change the stock matting to Gold Hod mats both UR and scrubber.  I will keep the stock matting as an alternative.  At almost 12,000 GPH I know I'll need to throttle down the output to about 5,000 GPH.  I want water volume/velocity to ensure the mats are active.  The pump is rated at 55 psi.  Will reducing the engine speed be enough or will I need to install a bypass to regulate the water flow into the highbanker.  (BTW: the high banker doesn't arrive until Tuesday.)  Thank you in advance.


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  • Thanks again. You've put my concerns to rest. I purchased the 173CA to save money and use equipment I already had on hand. Now to get up north (Georgia or the Carolina's) to run some material.
  • dana i also have and can use interchangable spray bars if i want or need to


  • dana i did reduce it from 2 inch down to 1.5  just to see what it would do   it works just fine with eather size hose if i am over 300 foot away from the water i stay eith the 2 inch never had to throtel  above   1/2  i also use the same set up to run a 2.5 inch dredge nozel and power jet


  • dana i use a 6.5 hp brigs n straton with pacer pump on my banker and 2.5 inch dredge i have no probe with it at 1/2 throtel   i catch about 95 tom 97 % of the gold in the first 2 to 2.5 foot of the sluice   i use the vortex matting in it as well as all my other dredges and equip    my full size tromel is equiped with the vortex   lot of things will catch gold some better then others  also there are some other things that can de done to make a piece of equipment more efficent as over the years i have done a lot of experminting  wit different matting and outher things  your welcome to ck out the pic s on my page on this site  one of my banker dredges is in a pic under high bankers


    • Ken,    Thanks for the reply.  Do you use a reduced size hose to your unit?  The output of my pump is 2".  I believe the Keene 173/175 uses either a 1.25 or 1.5 inlet on the hopper.

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