08 Trooper



This is what we use for travel once we get to where we plan on staying. I rented a Polaris Ranger to test drive before I bought one, but it had no power, the Razor had no room, as did the Rhino so we settled on a Trooper. now this thing has its positives and alot of negatives as well, the plus is that it has plenty of four person leg room, it has a bed for stuff, it has 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and lockers on both the front and the rear...on demand, it has an 1100cc 4 banger that's been pretty reliable as far as the engine itself goes, It can do about 65mph, its fuel injected,  and comes with a winch, which we've never even come close to using, and costs about 12 grand. The negatives are...its long and easy to highside, the turning radius is about a freekin football field, it has no power-steering, the shocks it comes with didn't last 300 miles before we blew out both rears, the cheap Chinese tires didn't last a year before one of them developed a "maypop" and the other three just started rotting out, the relays are located in a very dust prone area behind the rear drivers side seat causing it to not start when dirty, and right before our last trip the entire exhaust from the muffler back just fell off and I had to re-weld it all back together.       







So here's the bottom line... It was cheaper and more practical for us because of its size..(we need alot of room) and as things continue to break we just replace the parts with high-end parts and so far we are still coming in less than a Razor or Rhino which are both too small to be useable for what we do. The frame seams to be very well made and the articulation is good so we will work off that. I wouldn't recommend this vehicle to someone that's not prepared to start replacing parts soon after buying it.


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  • Yea the dump bed is definitely a plus, I always find myself short on space no matter what , so if the bed is a good size, thats cool, you could always build a rack on the bed if you have to,similar to the lumber rack on a truck, with built in shovel holders, and room for buckets and classifiers, a drywasher,highbanker or dredge....ok I'm starting to dream again.
    • Nuthin' wrong with dreams, that's how it all starts.
      • Amen Brother!!!
  • That should do the job Steel Pan, what kind of terrain you plan on using it on? I've got a Yanmar tractor at home and they also make engines for boats as well.
    • The terrain isn't really that bad. The dump bed will aid in moving material, equip, and supplies. I have some narrow trails where my big ol' Ford won't fit.
  • Well ya cant go wrong with a "Deer"  Steel Pan...and if its got six wheels, it damm sure oughta get you where you want to go. Now is it six wheel drive??
  • As long as it will get ya there and back. Well, at least there. LOL

    I been lookin' at a "Deer", 6 wheel with a dump bed.

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