Lake Elsinore, CA

What type of prospecting do you do?

hardrock, lode, placer

Do you belong to any clubs?


What kind of equipment do you use?

long tom, highbanker, dredge, shaker tables, crushers

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  • Just a heads up, When taking pictures with your phone it will attache a GPS location where the photo was taken. You can turn off your GPS. I know this from Experience. You would hate to have some uninvited person stopping in

  • Was out at Potholes two weeks ago and go fifty small pieces! About 1/3rd were pickers.

    Going there tomorrow, just for the day, to sample a couple spots for future trips.

    The rains have made it too wet to drywash effectively for the next month or so.

    Was up in the San Gabriel canyon, beyond the end of the road, back in Sept. Was just getting into some good gold when a thunderstorm chased us out of the canyon.

  • All wright, good viedo. Can't whait to see some of that gold, Your using a High Banker ? how is that working out for ya? is that thing home made? keep up the gold..

  • There are some nice pix's. You ever try drywashing ? looks like a fun bunch of animals.

  • Jeff,

    I was trying to keep you in the loop while I was in Africa but your email kept getting kicked. Send me your email address! My last time out locally was the beginning of Oct. Got a 2 grammer one day and a 4 grammer the next... both with the GPX4500. But after the snails pace of getting things done in Africa, I'm ready to get back out to the CA desert. I need my nugget fix! Also I'm doing an instructional video for Fisher that I need to shoot some more footage. We'll talk soon. Take care.   Joe

  • Good to meet ya, HB!

    Going out to the desert again this weekend. Just spent 9 to 22 Nov out there. Because of the rain and wet material, I wasn't able to move as much material as usual, but Plan B worked OK so we still got some gold. Just not as much as I would have wished for the time spent.

    Sounds like that spot with the pickers is a good one. Don't tip your location as EVERYONE will jump on it (speaking from experience, lol). BUT, pics of gold in your pan/sluice would be good enough for me! :-)

  • Hey HB, tried to find a way to contact you via this site, but can't find the right button. I am a friend of Larry O'Neil. Drop me a line at KGPhoto@pacbell.net. I wanted to get your opinion on something. thanks..
  • thanks hb
    got doctor appt 1pm
    plus, i cant do anything but talk
This reply was deleted.