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  • Looks like nobody is home at LDMA.  We are gearing up for the Mesa AZ gold show next weekend, and the new LDMA Stanton outing coming up in April.  Anyone else attending?

    Jeff in AZ

  • Hi all. I have some questions. Once you are a member of the LDMA, how can you cancel it if you're a lifetime member? Is it like a timeshare you just keep getting maintenance fee until you sale it?

  • Thanks
  • Sounds like you're headed the right direction.  Getting hands on experience is always the best way, wherever you are.  You might not get a whole lot doing the "real" thing out there, but every now & then you'll get something even buying dirt won't get you.  I don't get out as much as I used to, so I buy dirt too, from a couple people I found I could trust on ebay.  A few years ago I bought dirt from several dozen people over time, so I could pass on to club members who was worth buying from.

       Stay safe out there & don't forget - Never stop looking for that nugget :)

  • Thanks, I was going to crisson mines just to get some hands on experience. I noticed that loud mine was close. So I thought I would stop. I am going to Stanton in Dec for some more hands on. Have never done more than just buy pay dirt so far. Thanks
  • Hello to Mark Franklin!   :-3)   

       Hope you're having some luck out there.  I don't get on here much, but got the notice of activity & thought at least One person should say "Hi".

    To Robert Daniel Foley: 

       I haven't been there, but from what I've seen & heard they run High Bankers & small dredges around there.  I "think" there should be places for a sluice to run.  I'm sure it goes without saying (but I guess I am) that you should always have gold pans with you.  I personally love having my sluice & pans with me & a re-circulating unit at home for cons & high grade (& a Dry Washer in the desert).  Activity here seems a bit off & slow, so you might have to ask a couple of times for someone who's been there to give you first hand info.  If that doesn't work, try looking at some of the other discussions & see if you can find a member from back there.  Good luck :)

  • I am going to my first camp. Loud mine. Any tips on what to bring. Is a sluice sufficient. Do they let you use anything. Just going for the day. Thanks Bob
  • Hello to the LDMA members...

  • This is so bad !!! NO outings for Athens, Mi.

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Loud Mine, August 2012

     Does anyone know if the pit used for the common dig in June is available for general use?  Can we dig material from there?  If it's full of water, can an individual pump it out?  I'm planning to go the week of the 18th and would prefer not to have to process someone else's tailings.

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