• When you'd rather pan then fish
  • when you clean the dirt under your finger nails after a day of prospecting and figure why not you never know
    • When you look at a picture of a waterfall and you want to dredge the catch basin/pool for gold!
  • when u have a clog in the kitchen sink and when you remove the p- trap ya pan the goo :)

  • When you are thinking about dredging while using the Shop Vac... ;o)

    • There is a YouTube video that uses a DeWalt wet/dry vac to clean out crevasses! I didn't discover how he powered it, but it seemed to do better than a screwdriver and dustpan set.

      No, it was NOT filmed in Benghazi, Hillary!

      Becky Elliott in Tennessee
  • When your fiance is planning a week long honeymoon in NC and you are looking up gold and gem mines, sites, and pay to dig claims.

    No joke, I did this and she shot me down real quick. At least I get a couple days to dig.

  • When you clean your floor mats from the truck and pull some nice gold.

  • when you start looking at the water flow in puddles in your garden on a windy day 

  • go to the hardware store to pick up a repair kit to fix the leaky pipe under the sink, and come out with everything you think you need to build the next greatest Gold catching machine, then realizing you have to go back because you forgot the repair kit for leaky pipe under the sink

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