In Washington we just got beach mining approved last fall after a long hard fight and now the state Parks Dept is having a meeting because of complaints, mainly from the Surfriders Foundation about the approval of the mining without what they say was proper public input. Kathy Greer of the Surfriders Foundation anticipates there will be suggestions to amend the new rules and try to impose a $150 fee for the HPA permit which is now free. PLEASE we need everyone we can get to attend in support of mining. The meeting is in Montesano WA at the city hall on Feb. 16th at 7pm. Please help spread the word. If you can't attend please email Lisa Lantz who is an enviornmental planner with the Parks dept at Lisa.Lantz@Parks.WA.GOVand voice support for the mining. We'd like to have the rules placed under the Gold and Fish rules that are already in place for the rest of the state and get rid of the special permit. Be nice to her as she has been good to us in the past. Thanks, Doug.

PS: mention how this is good for tourism in our depressed local area.
here is a link to this discussion with more info on what is going on

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  • Maybe we should file a suit against the "Surfriders" for feeding the sharks unnatural food.

    • that is a good one mtau!!

      • I didn't even know they surfed in washington.  Too damn cold here.  Last summer I was photographing my model ladies at Alki, and they were freezing their butts off in them waters! 

        Chad(aka GoldRat)

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