• Wow. That is extremely interesting about mineral rights in Kentucky. I suppose this may have come about more in response to coal mining issues than anything else, if my guess holds water.

    It seems nuts that somebody else can just come along and apply for your land patent and yank it out from under you. Who gets to decide whether or not to grant it to someone? Money? Influence? Makes you wonder.

    I'm especially interested because my parents live in western Kentucky and own 40 acres of land there. They have a little stream there, and we're going up in a couple weeks. I figured I'd probably pan their creek just for the fun of it. Of course I don't expect to find anything, due to their location. I'd just like to notch my belt with panning in another state. They do own both sides of the stream, and I'm sure they won't mind. (Haven't asked them yet). So it sounds like, heaven forbid I actually found a grain of gold dust there, I should keep it quiet and not mention it!

  • Ok John, am going to give this to you one time, you ask many questions but seem not want to listen.  I would suggest to go back to your previous post and read the response from kchacha sent to you yesterday, he tried to give you some valuable information.

  • i sent them an email so we will see if they are useful

  • Weren't you the one looking?  Search it out and see if it helps you...

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