New to me prospecting rig

Been looking for one of these since they were new, could't afford the new car price back then. Needs a little lift, some larger tires and a bullbar, but will work for now. Hope to try it out in the Black Hills in two weeks. Turbo Diesel gets mid 20's in City or on highway. Previous prospecting rig was the TDI VW wagon on the other side. That got 38 MPG but with 4" of ground clearance I wasn't able to go very far in. Gonna miss the MPG on the 1200 mile round trip so I'll have to make it count when I drive out.

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  • Is that a Jeep with a turbo diesel???

    I need particulars so I can start scrounging the junk-yards for wrecks! I need a power plant for an FC.

  • I think it's, My new prospeting Rig. I had one, an 89 with a 390 I think same motor that was in my ram truck. They are hard to kill, I had water more than half way up the door, all 4 tires off the ground, Drove it through sand I could not walk in, and up hills to hard to climb on foot. Nice Rig hope it brings you lots of good times.
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