Little old lady.

this little old lady walks into a store quite upset, saying I can’t beleive he would do that in public! 

Referring to the guy outside in the corner his arms quickly pumping up and down but without his hands visible. He seems to be working up a sweat and says out loud almost there. 

The lady complains to the store manager who walks outside to the guy and asks if he needs a ride again. To which the bag boy for the store stops and says yes he would love the ride. 

The manager of the store walks back in to retrieve his keys and tell the lady I’m sorry you had a problem with Tommy today, but his bike pump isn’t working so great but thanks for letting me know he needed a ride again.  She looks completely confused and says but what he was doing was so wrong, as of now the manager says no ma’am what you were doing was wrong you assumed you knew what he was doing from a 1/2 second look and didn’t ask him or even bother to see what he was doing or offer help. 

Ok blah joke attempt but kept it clean lol!!

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