How do you get flour gold into vial?

So far all my efforts have recovered flour gold. As I understand there are pickers to be had here in Ohio but I have yet to get one. Well, actually, a picker to me is a piece of gold that I can repeatedly identify in my vial by swirling or tilting it and letting the specks fall to one side in a controlled fashion when I admire my treasure:) So I'm still learning to clean the stuff and separate and all that but getting the stuff into my vial is a real pain. I'm using tweasers and the suck and drop snuffer bottle method but there has to be a better way. Any suggestions?

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  • I use a perfume funnel, after pour my fines on a piece of creased papper that i sturdey enough to hold the weight then pour from papper into the funnel
  • Watch this........

    In fact if you watch the whole series it will make your recovery panning much easier... as you gain experience you will get faster and you will find short cuts you can take without jeopardizing your gold retention.

    You can watch the series here all put together and in order for you.....

    • Thanks for the link man. Definitely gonna watch.
    • That is exactly what I  have been doing. If it is dry though, those mini funnels work great!. Thanks for findinga great video for McDiggins

  • I use a pipette, works great. I transfer from pan to a ceramic soap dish which makes it easier to get the last bit of blk sand out of it. From there into the vial.
    • Yeah I need to get me a couple of those things.
  • Mr. Dingleberry, I live in Colorado and I frequent the dredge piles on the North fork of Clear Creek.  While the old timers got the big stuff, there is plenty of fine gold left in there, so I understand your problem, but to be honest, I've had the same problems.  You'll never get all the black sand out without smelting it, believe me, Ive tried.  I finally decided I was spending way too much time at it.  Keep on panning and collecting.

    • I now use a multistage process. I pan with the tap method. Then use a paintbrush. If any superfine black sand or anything gets into my vial now I take a snuffer bottle and fill it with water and insert the end into the vial and slowly squeeze water in, extinguish the gold and sands. The light stuff goes out, the gold stays in. If any gold comes out I just paintbrush it back in.
      With the paintbrush, if you get all your gold into the "corner" of your pan and successfully get the black sand far enough away from it, you can push the paintbrush (fine tipped) into your gold while fanning out the bristles and then twist your brush as you are pushing, effectively trapping all the gold between and in the bristles.

      I've got one of those super small vials that came with something I ordered. I gotta try the snuffer bottle water pressure thing in a taller vial.
      Will update when I get the nerve to transfer from one to another.

      Good luck brother.
  • Dry the flour gold and use a mini funnel to get it into the vial. The funnel fits perfectly! Amazon sells them here:

    • Thanks Adam.
      The paintbrush trick is pretty awesome and fun but I still have a VERY small amount of black sands in my vial. I'll give that funnel a try when I get the chance.
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