Henry Henry (poop tube) angle

OK just getting started with prospecting. I built a Poop Tube and was wondering what angle to set it at. michigan fine gold is what i'm hunting. I've heard the 1 inch per foot, but videos seem to have it alot steeper then that. what do you guys think. Thanks Todd

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  • if you have blonde sands in the top then you do not have enough water flow..

    and or angle is too shallow..

    • ok thanks. will get the water flow going more I was scared I'd run it to fast and blow everything out. I run about 1 inch per foot and it's a 3 foot sluice.
  • that is what I have always heard but put a catch pan at the bottom and test your tailings for loss

  • I think the angle depends on the water flow.. 1/2" to 1" per ft.

    my 2 cents...

    • I made it so i can hook it up to my hose for backyard use. I usually dig a bucket and bring it home to run. i can adjust water flow, but i get a lot of blond sands in the upper riffles. Maybe it's normal I'll make a video next time i run it and see what you guys think.

      I use a catch pan, I get a little black sand in there but haven't found any gold spilling over yet. but all the gold I have found has been fly poop sized. (and I think it may be a constipated fly haha)
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