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Hi Folks, Just got some bad news but good news. Our great friend and brother John Shaw was in an accident and totaled his truck. John Says "I am ok not a scratch. Truck totaled and dredge came through the back window" He is with friends but will need some help tomorrow.

He will be checking out the damage and renting a truck to get home so as soon as we have an estimate of what he will need to get home we will put up a razz or auction or whatever to raise the money. 100% will go to John Shaw to get home. If you would like to donate please send it directly to Johns paypal account so we can keep the number of middle men small. Thank you and and prayers your way John Shaw

Please share as much as possible.

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  • Whoa! Haven’t logged in for some time! 

    Glad to hear he is ok!!

  • Home safe and sound.

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